Short Note: No Date

To Lora Johnson Arnold (?) from Elizabeth Johnson

No Date

Tuesday morning. Had a letter from Diah this morning and they do not expect to come to Florida until after the holidays; are both well and invited out to Thanksgiving dinner of turkey. Suppose you had as good as that with all the family together. How is your head dizziness all gone? Today bids fair to be more mild at 68 (degrees) this morning, less north wind. Beautiful moonlight (moonlit) nights, and I shall look for the Sourthern Cross in the time I am here, as have never been far enough south before to find it. Mr. Hill has been here two nights since the Minister left so have a man in the house. Auto's is the only way of getting around and 75 on the Isle, and hope to take a trip soon. Mrs. Mellor is now piecing a quilt, while I am doing little or nothing &c. (etc.) Not a great variety of flowers at this season, a few mesquitoes. Did Pearl get my letter and why does she not answer? Hope you will take time. Have the Havens gone to St. Petersburgh yet? Love to all, and how is Clyde in Alberta. I have lost his address so will wait for you to sent it, to write him.
Your sister,
Elizabeth Johnson

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