Letter: 25 September 1910

To (Lora Arnold ?) from Amanda (Johnson ?)

Sept 25th - 1910

Lib says I must write about Pet's death and funeral. I hardly know how to write bout it. It seemed so awful careless and uncalled for. They were racing and had passed three carts and trying to pass the fourth when they struck the baggage car. They knew the crossing was there and that the train was due there then ? the whistle was blown an extra time on account of many teams and auto's crossing at the time coming home from the fair. Pet was terribly mangled, one leg was broken four times, and the bones protruded into her bowels where there was a big hole made. Her neck was broken, one eye out and several other cuts and bruises. Every bit of clothing was stripped off her from the waist down even her shoes. Hiram took his coat and covered her. The auto was smashed all to pieces even the stuffing in the cushions was torn out. I have heard nothing about the funeral excepting there was no sermon passages from the Bible being read &c. (etc.?) I (received ?) your card many thank for __________ (your) remembering my day. It is so warm & pleasant just as my birthday always is. I must go and start dinner now and Lib will finish so much than I can. with love to all Amanda
(P.S.) Pet was buried in a white dress.

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