Letter: 23 April 1913

To Mrs. Lora Arnold from Mrs. Isaac Newman
Spokane Apr. 23. 1913

Mrs. Arnold Dear Friend

I received the paper with accounte of Mr Arnold death. I was so sorry you have my sympathy for I know you will be lonly sometimes. you allways got along so well together. I am so glad you have got your children so near you that is one consultation (?) but they can never take his place he was allways good to the children and a good companion for you. I wish I could have been there to helpt you but we all have to part some time or other. Isaac and I are geting along in years to. We dont feel much like we did when we first went to ford county to live. I often think of it. We are feeling pritty well just now but we hive (have?) our ups and downs to. I was out making Garden today but I work pritty slow. I had a litter from Annie the other day tilling me I am Great Grand ma. Bernice that is Annies older girl She had a nice little girl. They are all well. Nora was talking of comeing out to see me this summer but I dont think she will come before fall I wish she would come. I get lonsome to see her. She is the only one that is back there now. I wish you could come and make me a visit. I dont know as I will ever be back in Illinois again. I would like to very much. Leonard lives down the street a little ways from me. Kattie and Paul live here (near) here. they are home quite often. they are all doing well. I hope you will live to see many happy days yet and may God comfort you in your lonly ours (hours) is the wish of your Friend. Mrs Newman
I will close for this time hoping to here (hear) from you some time soon. give my Love to all the folks excuse this. I wish I could come in and (talk) to you just like we use to Good by write soon
Isaac sends his sympathy.

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