Letter: 20 April 1913

To Lora Arnold from Amanda Johnson
Plattsburgh N. Y. Apr 20th /13

Dear Sister & All

When I was at your home 15 years ago last Sept. how well I remember going three times to visit Silas' (?) grave and it is as fresh in my memory yet as then. Now me thinks I see another new made grave beside Sila's, (Silas's), and Amos laid there to rest beside the dear one he loved so much. No more sorrow, no more pain and suffering for him. He has only gone on a little way in advance, we shall all soon have to follow, and it seems so wise that he should go before you, and I am sure you see it so, and think it all right and God was merciful & good to call him first. A man when he gets to his age, is so helpless if left alone. I never realised it so much until I saw Uncle Darins and heard him talk. How well do I remember the afternoon, You, Lib & Pearl went down to see Ida Ladd something was said and I made the remark, (") Well Amos you could not get along very well without Lora could you?(") and how quick he replied, "no no, couldn't get along without Lora at all, not at all, no, no, have to have her to wait on me." You will all miss him, but we can all say. He was a good man, and has gone to his reward which is the best that can be said of anyone, and let us feel that it is just and right, although we shall miss him. I was in hopes he would come at least once more to see us, but when he left here he watched us until we were out of sight as though he thought it the last look. I received your telegram about noon of the 13 was not surprised after getting Elmas card the day before. I telephoned the message to Seba then wrote a postal to Samantha thinking she would hear quicker than from you as she would get it Monday morning. Seba came right up and at night we went to the Press office and had this notice (which I send) come out in the Monday morning Press. I knew the Peru people would all see it as well as other friends. Smith Johnson, Sophia Morrison, & Lib Turner all came to see as soon as they saw it, but Corral saw Charley Barber & Sarah come in their Auto Thursday right across the street from here, to Fred Arnolds, I do not think it would have hurt her if she had come in here for a few minutes, think it would have looked much better, but some folks are so selfish think others of no account, but she didn't have to come in if she didn't want too, no one cares I am sure I do not. Jennie's brother Will's wife was buried the 11th. They have not been down since, so do not know only what I saw in the paper. Dick Connor died yesterday morning. I reed (read) Elma's also Mary's cards this week but after the telegram. They were good to write. I suppose Diah & Ida are in Charleston now as they were to leave Fla last Monday and ordered no mail sent to them until further notice. It is cold & windy to-day and every little while the air is full of snow, and it seems very disagreeable after a few pleasant days. Wed was a lovely day here so sunny & warm. We were all in hopes it was as pleasant in Roberts. We are all very well and hope to keep so. Have commenced house cleaning, double windows & doors off &c. (etc.) I suppose you are very tired and your mind all unsettled, but when you feel that you can I wish you would write me about the funeral and some of the particlars. How long he was confined to the bed, what he said &c &c. With love to all. Did Martha come to the funeral? Amanda
(P.S.) I would have liked much to have been with you. But if I was not with you in person I was in spirit for I was thinking of you all the time and could not settle myself to doing anything until after Wednesday. Was the funeral in the fore noon. I wish Samantha would come down I would like to see her. She will now feel as though she were left entirely alone. I hope the girls will write her often she enjoys their letters so much. You tell them too.

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