Letter: 22 November 1900

To Frank & Sebie (Linn ?)

From Frank's side ?

Marquett Mich
Nov 22 1900

Dear Son, Daughter
I thought i would write you a few lines on business about Eddie i got a letter from Eddie & Alice also and they say that they are going to be married on the 19th Dec and i want you to get them a set of dishes and send them over to Piper City and you can send me the bill and I will settle with you. you can telephone over to Alice and ask her which kind she will like the Brown blue or the Pink Edd never wrote to me till now and he wants the $50.00 i am not going to give it to him i give Alice the dishes and a wedding present of $25.00 so he cant spent it an i want to know if you are going to do as you said you were I had my goods shipped here and not knowing when he was to be married i had his boxed sent (up?) (off?) with the rest and 2 days after they got here i got his letter that he was going after his (?box?) so i have to ship it back to him now Sebie i suppose that you Folks will go to the wedding and i will leave it to you to mark the things the linnen is for boath of them and the sofia pillow is for Alice and the stool from me say Frank i got a letter from Eva Gates today and they want to be remembered to you when i am writing their cousin is not very well Brother Henry and family are all well Dwight came in today and he is growen to be such a big & fat boy i did not know him Ita (?) fellow has had the smallpox and is . . . . . Page ripped here to top of next page . . . . .and had a very plesent eveing and Uncle Tom & Aunty gave us a beautifull wedding supper at DePere we got a fine lots of presents from the DePere folks also from the Marquette folks i will tell you all in my next letter Sebie has your Mother & Aunt gone south yet we have very good sleighing here now and the weather is not cold all of the DePere folks is all well we (?) are nearly all settled now yesterday i had a letter from Mrs. Lahle and she said that there was a . . . . Page ripped to end of letter.

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